The rooms are available to rent at any one time for one semester. Please mark all enquiries and applications for the attention of the secretary. The closing date for applications for the summer semester ends on February 1 of the respective year and on August 1 for the winter semester of the respective year.

The student residence home “Deutsch Nordische-Burse” has 86 single rooms and two double rooms. The rooms are fully furnished and come with a wash basin installed. There are shared kitchen and showering facilities etc. on the floor. Kitchenware and all other necessary kitchen appliances are available in the kitchen.

Besides the pure housing the Burse offers some extras and community spaces, among other things:

  • Library
  • Fitness room
  • Foosball table
  • Pool table
  • Table tennis basement
  • Dark room
  • TV room
  • Launderette with tumble dryers
  • a large garden directly on the fjord with garden furniture and a BBQ
  • Computer network with internet access and WLAN
  • Sound proof music room with a piano
  • and lots more



The rooms are certainly the most important aspect of a student halls of residents. The Burse differentiates itself from other halls of residence in that you don’t just get a room to sleep in but your own home life and other extras are offered.

The 88 rooms of the Burse are distributed between six floors and are situated in two buildings, the Hauptgebäude (Main Building) and the Nebengebäude (building next to the main building)..

Firstly there is the ground floor with 12 bedrooms which have view of the garden and fjord. Furthermore on this floor there is also two small Wohngemeinschaften, which can each accomdate three inhabitants.

The Nebengeschoss )(first floor-NI) is the largest floor of the Burse with 19 rooms. Above this floor is the “Olymp” with only 9 rooms. It is very quiet and intended for students taking final exams. The bedrooms are slightly bigger (about 16sqm) and have their own slightly better furnishing. 

The Hauptgebäude (Main Building) has also got three floors, the so called Hauptgebäude I and II (Main building I and II), each with 16 rooms and there is also the Dach Floor (Attic) which has 9 rooms.

On every floor there is 3 showers and individual toilets (separated for women and men) and a big kitchen. The kitchen is fitted with a fridge and fridge freezer, oven, cooker and microwave as well as crockery, pots and pans etc. There is also a TV with cable connection.



What you are most likely to be interested in is the bedroom furnishings. Irrespective of the size and situation of the room, every room has:

  • a bed (with a bedding box)
  • a desk and desk lamp
  • at least one shelf (sometimes two)
  • a wardrobe
  • a wash basin and mirror

Additionally there is in every bedroom a notice board and curtains.

You can get bed linen for your bed from the house. Every two weeks you can change your bed linen free of cost and get fresh linen.

Bedroom size:

The bedrooms differ in size, the majority of bedrooms are around 12sqm, but there also a few rooms bigger than this and a few smaller. The charges are between 161€ and 222€ per month. 

Computer network:

Every room has network access and there is also the possibility of using the internet free of charge. All that you need is a computer with a network card and a cable in order to surf the internet free of charge in your own room. Those who want to can also make data available for the other residents so you can share scripts, notes and music etc.


In almost all of the bedrooms there is a fixed landline network available (festnetz), which you will have to pay separately for (to Deutsche Telecom). You can of course receive incoming calls for free from the Burse’s telephone.