The home life of the Deutsch-Nordische Burse is organised to a relevant amount by the residents under their own direction. The students choose their representative who looks after the concerns of the house.


The Acting Senior:

The acting senior practices an important office in the Burse. Together with our secretary he looks after the concerns of daily organisation. He is e.g. the first form of contact for new residents and takes care of rent during the holidays. For the majority of everyday problems (lost keys, renting guest rooms...) the acting senior is the first port of call.


The Tutors:

The tutors organise different cultural activities in the Burse, amongst other things museum, concert and theatre visits, tournaments and social evenings. They also help significantly with the organisation of the yearly summer festival, which many former residents of the Burse visit. The tutors also enjoy helping if the residents would like to hold their own events. In short: they strengthen home life.


The Seniors:

Essentially, the seniors look after the business of the bar. Mostly, the Burse bar is opened once a week, furthermore during the semester there are more themed evening events. A further important duty of the seniors is to organise the Burse fete which takes place once every semester. At the annual Summer festival the Seniors organise a cocktail evening for the previous and current residents of the Burse. They ensure that after study a party is never too short.


The IT Attendant:

The Burse meets a high standard in IT equipment. In the bedrooms there is an internet access point. The computer room, which is open for all of the residents is equipped with several computers as well as printers and scanners. With our WLAN everybody can get wireless into the internet. The computer technician maintains the smooth business running of the network as well as ensuring the homepage of the Burse remains up-to-date.


Head of Library and Gym:

As well as the bigger charges there are also different smaller charges, people who for example, look after the library houses or the canoes.