The Deutsch-Nordische Burse in Kiel is a student residence home which is gratified to the idea of bringing students from the Nordic lands, the Baltic and Germany closer together.


The "old" Burse:

Before the Deutsch-Nordische Burse on the Kiellinie could be established as a student residence home, there existed a German-Nordische Burse which was however, completely destroyed in the second world war.

The old Deutsch-Nordische Burse was situated on the Düsternbrooker Weg 14 in Kiel and the responsible body of the first house was the foundation Deutsch-Nordische Burse, which was created in 1928. The fundamental idea of the foundation was very different to the principles, which underlie the Burse of today. The founder of the “Deutsch-Nordische Burse Foundation” pursued the goal "…to facilitate the attendance of the foreign German youth in the high and professional schools of Kiel… " (“…Der auslandsdeutschen Jugend den Besuch der Hoch- und Fachhochschulen Kiels zu erleichtern…”) (preamble clause of the first founding meeting). Also from further paragraphs it arises that special attention was clearly directed solely towards the “foreign German students” and the nation-connecting element did not come in to play.

In particular with the view of Nordschleswig (the Southern part of Denmark) and the three Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and their German levels of the population the house on the Düsternbrooker Weg was bought in 1929. However, after only 10 years [in existence] the house was seized by the marines after the outbreak of war in 1939 and then in April 1945 it was totally destroyed.


The "new" Burse:

After the end of the war there was a lot of intensive work a few years later in order to build a new Deutsch-Nordische Burse in Kiel. In this connection is one name in particular distinguished: Dr. Willi Nielsen was not only significantly involved in that the current Deutsch-Nordische Burse that we see today even exists, but he was also involved with the founding of the old Deutsch-Nordische Burse on Düsternbrooker Weg. He was a director and deputy chairman of the Burse. After the death of many managing directors during the war, he was the sole owner of the management until 1959, and previously he was at the creation of the founding of the Deutsch-Nordische Burse as the director and assisting chairman. In 1978 Dr. Willi Nielsen assigned the directing post over to Dr. Hans-Ulrich Johannsen, who still holds the post to this day. In 1979 he created the promotion circle of the Deutsch-Nordische Burse. In 1988 Dr. Willi Nielsen withdrew from the donation executive committee as an active member and at the same time the honorary chairmen were appointed.

As already indicated, it succeeded to promote the condition of the Deutsch-Nordische Burse donation despite not insignificant difficulties on April 1 1959. These byelaws were changed several times in later years, but the objective of the constitution remained the same. At the time, like today, the main intention of the Burse is to bring the inhabitants closer together, that is students from Scandinavia, the Baltic countries as well as those who come from Germany.

However, after the resolution to found a new Burse, this decision could not be applied for some years. After tough negotiations, the foundation stone of the new Deutsch-Nordische Burse at Kiellinie 81 could finally be put in to place and was done so by the Minister of Cultural Affairs from Heydebreck, Claus Joachim.

Two years later the first allocation of the new home took place. In 1986 the attics of the front houses were developed and thus the possible number of inhabitants within the home could be increased to 93 persons.