Since its establishment, the Deutsch-Nordische Burse has developed from a student resident home to a popular meeting place for students from Germany, Scandinavia as well as students from the remaining neighbouring states of the Baltic Sea. It became the point of approach for many young people, who come to Kiel, in order to study here. A treasure even, where the inhabitants, approximately 90, do not sink in the anonymity of a mass enterprise but a place where they can participate actively in the organisation of student life.

In order to feel really at home in a new surrounding, a pleasant residential environment is required. Since 1979 considerable measures by the "fundraising group of the donation of the Deutsch-Nordische Burse e. V." have been taken. The promotion measures of the Burse range from the supply of an extensive newspaper and magazine offer over the modernization of equipment in the common rooms (e.g. the computer, television and Fitness room, the kitchens, the library or the photo laboratory) and the supply of sport devices (among other things a pool table or Kayaks) as well as including the support of concert , theatre or museum attendance. Therefore these initiatives are always proposed by the Bursians, because they determine the need, present the suggestions and discuss with the executive committee of the promotion circle the financial frameworks and the concrete conversion steps.

The financial means are made available by over 200 members of the promotion circle. They pay annuities approximately in a range from 5, - to 150, - EUR, in each case relative to their own economic possibilities. Every member who wants to, can actively support the work of the fundraising group. These supporters are mainly present or former residents of the Deutsch-Nordische Burse, who want to participate in the “home life” of the house and pass on their membership of the promotion circle to future generations of students in the home, in the hope that they too, will gain something from the unique atmosphere experienced when living in the house.