The Deutsch-Nordische Burse lives for the activities of the Bursians. A large number of the residents come from the Nordic and Baltic states and therefore the Scandinavian festivals are also celebrated in the Burse.

On May 1st the Finish festival "Sillis" is celebrated. From 12 o’ clock midday the whole of the Burse is about in the garden. In the garden the Finish residents have already prepared food and drink. Around 120 of the Burse residents and their guests spend a few comfortable hours in the garden. The high point of the day takes place when everybody who is brave enough goes to the fjord and jumps in to the ice cold water.

Another traditional festival, that the Bursians and their friends enjoy celebrating is the Danish festival "Christmas Breakfast" ("Julefrokost"). This traditional Danish festival always takes place at the beginning of December. The Danish residents try to make the “Julefrokost” as original as possible. That’s why a lot of rich food and drink take centre stage during the festival! Sild, Schnapps and Ris á la mande aside, it is also common for everyone to dance around the Christmas tree together!

On the 13th December another Scandinavian tradition is celebrated, "Lucia". The Day of Lucia is a festival celebrated in the advent season and is related to the winter solstice, in which the Lucia bride (a woman dressed up for this special day) wearing a crown of burning candles gives out alms. The tradition is based on a story from the third century about a female saint and martyr who lived in the South of Italy. On the day of Lucia, as according to the Swedish tradition, both girls and boys dressed traditionally in white and holding candles walk through the house early in the morning. Every resident door is knocked on and those who didn’t lock their door, on purpose or not on purpose, will be woken up by singing and will receive traditional Swedish cookies, the so called “Lussebollar”.

As well as the typical Scandinavian festivals the Burse also has even more events to offer. Every week the seniors arrange a Bar evening” in the Burse’s own bar, where you can chat, relax and have a drink. As well as these normal bar evenings there are also different themed evenings. These take place randomly throughout the year. There have been cocktail evenings, Irish-themed evenings, French-themed evenings, beach parties and similar events.

Another highlight of the year are the Burse fetes which are organised by the seniors and take place once every semester. Bursians and friends celebrate together.

Besides the seniors the tutors are also in action and organise different events throughout the semester. A special highlight is the “Glögg Evening” that takes place several weeks before Christmas. The event takes place in the snooker hall which is especially decorated for Christmas. In this comfortable setting Glühwein (with or without Rum) and Glögg according to Swedish custom and cake is eaten. At the same time a cake competition takes place, where the best cake is displayed.

The tutors also organise other activities, for example a visit to the town museum and the Kiel brewery, tournaments, pool and chess tournaments, games evenings, table tennis tournaments, poetry slams and barbecues that take place in the snow…